Two St. Mary's Catholic High School Students Selected to Represent the Bluewater Region at National Science Fair


Kennedy and Curry's project, titled "Harmonising Your Coffee Senses," explores how different glassware can affect the perceived taste of coffee. The students conducted their experiments using a variety of glasses donated by Kruve, a renowned manufacturer of specialty coffee products.


"We used different glasses to see how they would make the coffee appear to taste differently," the students explained. "What surprised us most about our experiment is that while some tasted an extreme difference between the coffees, some people did not taste a difference at all, and we found it very interesting."


The project's findings have potential applications beyond just coffee, as it demonstrates how the choice of glassware can influence the taste experience of various beverages. "We can apply our experiment to real life by showing people how different aspects of the glass can change how it tastes, and they can take this information of what they prefer and apply it when trying to pick out new glasses," Kennedy and Curry added.


The duo's innovative project was sponsored by Kruve, iDrinkCoffee (iDC), Third Wave Water, and the Water Store Owen Sound. Curry and Kennedy diligently conducted testing from December to March, honing skills specific to scientists. Their grade 10 science teacher, Jason Kim, stated,  "Initially, there was a steep learning curve on understanding the variables involved with coffee extraction theory. Karis and Lily both rose to the challenge and listened to the suggestions provided by Karol and Elyse from Kruve and iDC, respectively." Both students are looking forward to continuing their academic careers after high school, with Curry aiming to pursue physiotherapy and Kennedy aspiring to become an optometrist.


The Bruce-Grey Catholic School Board and St. Mary's Catholic High School congratulate Lily Kennedy and Karis Curry on their outstanding achievement and wish them the best of luck as they represent the Bluewater Region at the prestigious Canada-Wide Science Fair Competition this May.