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School Prayer

Mary our Gentle Mother,Graphic of Mary
Who guides us with compassion,
we thank you for your nurturing love
and for teaching us the goodness of your heart.

Here at Mary Immaculate School,
we follow your example to do what is right and just.
We are your hands and your heart here on Earth.
We are protectors of the environment,
and caregivers for one another.
We are blessed.

Mary, we ask you to continue to be with us as we celebrate successes and face challenges in our lives.
Help us to laugh with each other in good times and care for each other in sad times.

Guide us as we strive to build a deeply caring learning environment where we willingly and generously share our gifts with one another. Help us to be an example of God’s goodness in the world so that all will
know that we are God’s special friends.